Words form the thread on which we string our experiences

Aldous Huxley

We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

William Shakespeare

Colors follow the changes of the emotions

Pablo Picasso

Fashion is the art of change

John Galliano

Panthera Textile is your business ally

Information is the new “raw material” of business processes.It must be intercepted, collected, distributed. It needs to be transformed into decisions, operations and products. The new enterprise shares knowledge.

Our experience of over 30 years in the sector and the technology used by Panthera, have allowed us to develop a solution that reflects the company’s modus operandi which, through Panthera Textile will be able to have the  full control of production, the quality of the goods produced, the distribution and the costs.

Panthera Textile has functionalities that are extended  to the entire business enterprise environment, linking users with different tasks and responsibilities, interfacing with internal  data financial managers in order to manage all processes throughout the product life cycle.

Panthera textile

Business Infrastructure

- Access Security
- Business Infrastructure
- Workflow
- Document Management
- Quality System

Panthera textile

Administration & Control

- Accounting
- Fixed Asset
- Agentis and Commissions
- Treasury
- Management Control

Panthera textile


- Purchase Marketing
- Purchase Execution
- Supply Chain Management
- Purchase Control
- Transport Cost

Panthera textile

CRM and Sales

- Welcome page
- Marketing
- Sales Force Automation
- Sales
- E-commerce B2B

Panthera textile


- Method Configuration
- Production Planning
- Product Cost
- Programming and Control
- Plaint Mantenance

Panthera textile


- Warehouse Management
- Fabric Inspection
- Lost Tracing
- Locations and Barcodes
- Advanced Logistics

Panthera analitycs

Development and design

- Purchase Marketing
- Purchase Execution

Produzione tessile


- Welcome page
- Marketing
- Sales Force Automation

Designed to meet all your needs

Panthera in cloud

Always available thanks to the Cloud version

Thanks to the storage space available at any time and in any place, data can be stored, consulted in complete safety, without the risk of losing them or not having them available. The network is safe because it is protected by a data encryption system.

Panthera textile

Use it anywhere thanks to Multi Device development

You have full control thanks to the ability to consult data from registered devices. Tablet, smartphone, smartwatch: every device on the network is a gateway for all authorized administrators and authorized users, without time and place limits.

Panthera 360 gradi

Integrated management of the entire value chain

Supply Chain Management must therefore synchronize all supply, production, distribution and sales operations in order to achieve the expected performance, in terms of time, quality, costs and revenues. All this must be supported by an adequate information system that allows to transmit in real time, to all those involved in the various processes (preparation, spinning, weaving, finishing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, packaging, etc)the data of specific interest in order to monitor the cloue factors with purpose of achieving performance.


Thought on the Italian Business Model

The system has been developed to perfectly meet the most common business models in Italy, which means that the Panthera Textile functional Map follows the processes and strategies already implemented by the company, improving control and operational efficiencies.

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